As Mother’s Day approaches, I can’t help but look back on days past, when I attempted to show my own mother gratitude by gifting her with items I thought she would enjoy and appreciate, like Tupperware and ceramic bowls.

How kind of me, I thought, to provide my mother with items she would covet. I assumed since my mother spent the majority of her time in the kitchen, she must have wanted more supplies.

She also spent most of her time wearing jeans that went up to her bra and Velcro tennis shoes, which I believed had nothing to do with comfort and everything to do with her sense of style. As a child, I remember asking my Dad to buy Mom some more “moon shoes” and pants “where the pockets cover Mom’s whole butt.” I just thought she liked to store snacks back there.

Now that it’s my turn, and considering my husband’s most recent gift to me was an Xbox One at Christmas, I thought I’d compile a list of mom-worthy gifts and gestures.


  1. Breakfast in bed. As in: I will stay in bed while you and the baby eat breakfast, and I prefer to not be disturbed until mid-afternoon.


  1. Deep-tissue massage. This is something my husband and his bone-crushing grip have down to a T, but I prefer a lighter touch from someone who will relax my muscles rather than shred them.


  1. Poop coupons. For the husband who chooses to go the DIY route, these custom coupons make Mom exempt from changing number-two-filled diapers for a specified period of time, preferably indefinitely.


  1. Shopping spree. Even moms deserve a treat-yourself moment to buy a beautiful pair of high heels, which we will wear once a year, only to remind ourselves why those pink slippers are our shoe of choice.


  1. Date night. This date night should include a nice dinner I do not have to prepare (this excludes the option of hubby preparing dinner at home, because we all know whose hands will be washing those dishes), followed by an average-rated movie that I will not regret falling asleep in the middle of.


Carrie Taylor is a native Texan, freelance writer and mother of one precious baby boy.

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