Years ago, I wrote a book for kids called “Sweaty Christmas.” It’s hard to believe, but that white heat of genius did not change the face of modern publishing. (Oh, if I had a nickel!) It does remain, to date, my favorite attempt at children’s literature.

Anyhoo. The season approaches, so it’s all coming back. The Currier and Ives setting. The white-capped roofs and apple-cheeked children romping and singing carols amidst snowball fights. The cozy fires warming frostbitten noses and toeses and all that show biz. 

But residents of Central Texas don’t play those reindeer games.

I spend a great deal of December talking my kids down from the whole “no snow” thing. Yes, I’m sure someone, somewhere, is having hot cocoa that’s making a difference to their body temperature. Cousins on the east coast get to live the dream while we live the nightmare of shorts and flip-flops on December 25th. Not to mention the ding dang air conditioner running full speed during our glorious holiday feast. The upside? There is no upside. No holiday miracle delivers us from our yearly case of post-Santa heat rash.

But tis the season for unity, dagnabbit. And nothing brings Texans together like complaining about the weather. So cheer up, buttercup. Help your neighbors string their house lights while wishing them glad tidings and good cheer. Ice down the seasonal Shiner Bock and continue to question the meaning of a sweater.

After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for sunscreen.


Cate Berry is an Austin-based children’s book author and mother of two. She also teaches writing workshops for young people at

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