Grandparents are awesome. They swoop your sweet offspring away for weekends at a time and provide much needed wisdom and parental experience. There is no question as to whether the grandparents in your life love your children. I am sure they love them a lot, and it may confuse you when they display certain behaviors that cause you to question their sanity. (Ever had a grandparent administer a newborn a pacifier doused in sweet tea?)


The onset of this strange behavior seems to immediately follow your child’s glorious exit from the womb. It is a phenomenon I like to call Grand-mania, and it comes with a variety of symptoms:


  1. They believe caffeinated beverages are the best cure for a fussy baby in a restaurant. (“See how she just sucks it up?!”)


  1. Naps and sleep in general are seen as a barrier to their ability to express their love. (“But I only got to hold her for four hours today! She didn’t seem that tired…”)


  1. Desserts become a major food group. (“Oh, it’s just banana pudding! It’s basically fruit!”)


  1. Every day deserves a trip to the toy store. (“He doesn’t have that many toy cars – plus they were having a sale!”)
  1. All methods from “back in the day” trump the so-called “advice” your pediatrician gives. (“Look at you—you survived—and what do they know, anyway?”)

Do not be alarmed if a grandparent in your life displays these behaviors. They mean well. Also, I’ve heard it never goes away, so finding a cure is just one less thing in your life to stress about.

Carrie Taylor is a native Texan, freelance writer and mother of one precious baby boy.

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