Ages: 5-13     Genders: Boys and Girls     Camp Types: Day Camp     Activities: Arts, Crafts, Computer Technology, Education, Music, Science, Spring Break, STEM

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This summer @The Brainery™ we will embark on a fantastic adventure with Destination Exploration, where our children will become EXPLORERS!  Students will learn about the various types of exploration from the land and seas to exploration into new technologies and understanding.  These concepts and ideas will be imparted through a series of activities that will not only teach the children about the weekly theme, but also help to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


From designing submarines and lunar landers to using AI tools and extracting DNA, the children will be hands-on participants in their own learning.  During the course of each interactive bi-weekly subject, children will discover another unique aspect of exploration as well as how they can be an explorer themselves.


Campers will experience art projects, science experiments, critical thinking activities, cooking projects and math and literacy activities.  Our unique Proud to be Polite™ curriculum promotes manners and life skills on a daily basis.  Our Young Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists program will allow children to build four businesses and will donate their earnings to charity. Children will also participate in exciting and educational field journeys at least twice a week, as we explore the world around us.  Sign up today for the adventure of a lifetime, that will lead to a lifetime of adventure.



May 28 – June 7: Into the Deep – Jacques Cousteau

This week, students will journey to the depths of the ocean.  They will learn about the physics of the underwater world as well as the vehicles and technology that allow us to explore this hidden world.


June 10 – 21: Flight School – Amelia Earhart

Campers will learn about all of the different modes of flight from the simplest to the most complex.  We will investigate how such heavy objects can defy gravity, as well as building several flying machines of our own.


June 24 – July 5: Protecting Our Planet – Rachel Carson

This theme focuses on the importance of protecting our land and environment.  Students will learn to think meaningfully about how they can preserve the Earth, so it can be explored for many more years to come.


July 8 – 19: The Final Frontier – Katherine Johnson

Children will explore the furthest reaches of space during this two-week session.  We will discover how rockets work as well as develop an understanding of what it will take to live in space and explore other worlds.


July 22 – August 2: Health and the Human Body – Edward Jenner

This theme focuses on the exploration being done to better understand the human body.  Campers will learn about how the human body functions, as well as how medicines are created, and cures found for diseases.


August 5 – 16: Into the Future – Marc Raibert

Here we will investigate what the shape of exploration may look like in the future.  We will discover new emerging technologies, such as robotics and AI, as well as hypothesizing what new technologies may be on the horizon.



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