Family Game Night Smackdown

I don’t believe it’s possible to truly judge a person’s character until you have seen them play a video game. Particularly, until you see them play against family members.   It’s a good way to test your own moral fiber. If you’re relatively comfortable playing video...

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The Great Mosquito Escape

I may still be considered a “young” mom (beginning to hear teenagers call me “ma’am”), but I’m old enough to remember a time before technology solved everything. In swampy Texas summers, all we had to keep mosquitos away was cancer spray or weak candles that smelled...

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Mommy Milestone: Pee Seat

Every bed in my house wears a mattress pad. This protective layer is the only line of defense against bodily fluids destroying an overpriced mattress. They’re indispensable — the greatest invention of the modern world, right behind Spanx. All this is to say, I...

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Secrets to an Always-Healthy Kid

“Your kids never get sick – you’re so lucky!”   I hate to brag, but I’ve heard this from more than one friend. And it’s true. My kids are incredibly healthy (knock on proverbial wood). For families in search of the key to wellness, let me tell you how we keep our...

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Why Parents Are Always Late

Before becoming a parent, I was one of those people who arrived just on time for events and appointments. If I was five minutes early, there were celebrations to be had. Now that I am a parent of two…if I am five minutes early, it’s because I forgot one of the kids at...

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How to Make a Family Dinner Everyone Will Love

I don’t know about you, but dinnertime at my house is the absolute best. I never have to beg, plead or coerce my kids and husband to come to the table and eat every bite of the nutritious, organic, GMO– and steroid–free meal I’ve prepared. I cherish the uninterrupted...

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Alexa, What Awful Thing Happens When a Toddler Discovers You?

We all know the risks of mixing too much technology into our kids’ lives. It seems like every corner of the internet is filled with articles about how our children are exposed too early to screens and tech, and how the repercussions of these consequential contacts...

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Holiday Traditions on My Naughty List

Planning has never been my forte. The fact that I’m able to keep two children alive and fed and mostly dressed is a feat in itself. So, when glittered crafts from Pinterest start flooding my Facebook feed, I only have one thing to say: Santa, please.   Hats off to the...

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A Holiday Card PSA for All

I’ll never forget where I was when I realized I married an apostrophe abuser. I was standing in my kitchen, just mere feet from where I sit typing this, looking for a water jug to bring to a workout. After digging through the forgotten wedding presents and dust...

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Developmental Milestones Parents Actually Care About

As my second child continues to grow and develop—the latter term being used loosely, as he is behind in more than one category—I’m forced to conclude that I’ve birthed underachievers. And that’s okay. I love them anyway.  But when my pediatrician recommended we take...

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In Which I Demonstrate My Athletic Prowess

I played myriad sports growing up, and I tried to be athletic. I really did.   As a youngling, I played soccer in the street. In middle school I ran track, and in high school I secured a spot on the volleyball team. It should be noted, however, that the capstone of...

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It’s Been Real, Summer

Before having kids, and before assuming really any adult responsibilities, summer was a time of limitless joy, limitless possibilities and limitless junk food. As a college student and young professional, my friends and I would dream up extravagant vacations, then...

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