Educational Places to Take Kids This Summer

Summertime in Austin gets H-O-T. Usually around mid-July, I struggle to come up with things to do with my kids that don’t involve water or dark movie theaters. Determined to enter this summer with a plan that both shakes up our lackluster routine and sneaks in some...

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Your Game Plan for Moving Up to a New School

Transitioning from one level of school to the next can provoke mixed feelings in children. They’re excited about graduating to the next stage, yet the accomplishment brings with it uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Mix in a little parental pride and anxiety, and...

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How to Tell if Your Child Is Gifted

At one time or another, you might have wondered if your child is gifted. Maybe your son can identify all the birds in your neighborhood. Or maybe your daughter is already reading at age 4. How can you know for sure if your child is an exceptional learner?   The...

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March Puts the Spotlight on Music Education

Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World.” From polka to punk and mariachi to metal, you’ll find it here and in our surrounding communities.  But even with all that musical talent around, many kids wouldn’t experience music education if it weren’t for...

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Act Fast to Treat Learning Disabilities

A child’s learning disability may not be obvious, especially in the early years when schoolwork is less demanding. The effects of a disability can be subtle, and may only show up during certain activities or scenarios. Being adaptable creatures, children often develop...

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Kids and Time Management: What’s Reasonable?

As every parent knows, very young children live in the present. They often mix together concepts of past and future, and may ask over and over when something is going to happen, no matter how many times you’ve explained. When does this start to change, and what is...

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Get More from Your Child’s STAAR Results

Last year, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) changed some important aspects of the information it shares with parents and kids about the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness or STAAR. The STAAR, of course, refers to the standardized tests Texas students...

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Talking Your Way to Better Reading

Most Central Texas schools are now in session, and students are just settling in for the new school year. If your child’s elementary school experience is anything like my child’s was, one of the first and most consistent things your child will be asked to do for...

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Grit: Is It Really a Thing?

As a parent, you’ve probably heard a lot of terms and concepts you’re told will help you understand how to support your child’s development: qualities like resilience and stick-to-itiveness and skills associated with mindfulness, self-management and executive control....

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